There are several different species of parakeet out there. Knowing about each one will help a human to choose the type they want to keep as a pet.

Alexandrine Parakeets

This interesting fellow belongs to the family known as Psittacidae. Its scientific name is Psittacula eupatria. They are most often found distributed in the middle east of the globe. This includes parts of Afghanistan and India. They prefer to live in woodland areas such as jungles and forests.

This type of parakeet is known for the colouring found on their collars. The beaks of the males have a distinguishing stripe. These types of birds have large heads on top of sleek bodies. One of the most recognisable things about this species if their bright red beaks. These beaks get paler in colour at the tip.

They usually live to be 40 years in age. The females can be differentiated from the males by their lighter colouring.


“Budgies” are one of the most common bird pets. They are loved by owners because of the many different colours that they come in. Their scientific name is Melopsittacus Undulatus. Budgies are lively creatures who are naturally curious. Their personalities are another reason why so many people choose to keep them as pets.

In the wild these birds are very social. They flock together in groups of 20- 60. They are not known in the wild for being solitary. For this reason it is important that when they are used as pets they should be given an abundance of care and attention.

Budgies are originally from Australia but have now become far more distributed throughout the world. They are often known for engaging in free flying. This can be done with the pet bird as long as the room is safe enough.