Rio is an animated kids movie that was created by a studio in the United States of America. The movie’s setting is the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Often because of the title many child viewers mistake the name of the protagonist parrot as being “Rio”. In fact the bird is actually called Blu.

Jesse Eisenberg is well known for playing Lex Luther in the DC expanded universe movies. He is also famous for playing the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in the film the Social Network. The actor also voices the parrot character Blu in Rio.

The film follows this character as he travels to Rio where he meets and falls in love with a female bird of his same species. Together they must flee from a villainous smuggler who wants to capture the two of them.

Interestingly the original concept for the film did not revolve around a parrot at all. In fact the movie would focus on a penguin who ends up getting washed up on the shores of Rio. However this original concept was first developed in 1995. When it finally got into production there were already a slew of animated feature films that had penguins as the main characters.

Since this visual characterization of characters in children movies featuring penguins and was already being so used, so then the decision was made to change the species of the bird from a penguin to a parrot. The film Rio was finally released in 2011. Since then it has become a very popular movie amongst child viewers. This is likely due to the enticing musical numbers as well as the colourful visuals which are aesthetically engaging, especially to young audiences. Since then the film has spawned a large number of products as well as a film franchise.