The Pirates of the Caribbean films focus on a group of pirates as they get into adventures with mystical creatures. Like all movies revolving around this theme there are often parrots that feature throughout each of the installments.

The films usually focus on the character Captain Jack Sparrow who is played by Johnny Depp. He commands the ship known as the Black Pearl. Aboard this ship is a character called Cotton who some time in the past has had his tongue cut out.

Because of this he owns a parrot who speaks for him instead. Cotton attained this parrot before he joined Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew. Due to Cotton’s mute nature his parrot has lines in the movies that he would have previously spoken himself. It is never explained how Cotton managed to train his parrot to memorise and speak such a large variety of words.

The parrot is normally in the background of the events taking place. In a narrative sense the parrot serves as a comic relief character. He first served with Jack Sparrow on the ship the Interceptor. He did not have a large part to play in the events of the first film. However the movie does show us when Cotton and his parrot first met their new captain.

In the second film Cotton and his parrot managed to survive an attack by the giant beast, the Kraken. He also survived being captured by a group of cannibals on an island. By the end of the movie he and his parrot are one of the few characters left alive. In terms of film making this is known as having “plot armour”. This is when a character is able to survive insurmountable odds simply because the movie script demands it. This trait would continue in the third installment as well.