• Aladdin

This is perhaps one of the most well known parrot characters. Foul mouthed comedian Gilbert Gottfried surprised his fans when he decided to voice the parrot known as Iago. This character also appears in the sequels to Aladdin. There is a documentary called Life, Animated that focuses on a young man with autism. He idolises the parrot from Aladdin and uses a puppet of the bird to communicate with people.

  • Scary Movie 2

In this spoof of horror films a group of hapless individuals are stuck inside a haunted house. At one point they meet a very rude parrot who offends several members of the group. The scenes with the parrot stand out as one of the highlights of this comedy movie. The parrot also appears as the main character’s pet at the end of the movie where he continues to be aggressive towards humans.

  • The Birds

The Birds is a horror thriller directed by legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The film depicts the uprising of birds all throughout the world. They become aggressive and attack people wherever they see them. At the start of the movie the main character is in a pet store examining different types of birds. Parrots can be seen. Though it is not shown on screen it is heavily suggested that these parrots will also join the murderous flocks and turn against the people at the the store.

  • Treasure Island

This story about pirates has been adapted into a number of movies of varying quality. It has even been adapted into a Muppet movie. The main villain Long John Silver has a parrot on his shoulder who is called Captain Flint. This is one of the most famous parrots in all of fiction. This character has heavily influenced the look of pirates within all of fiction.