Parrots have been a part of casino iconography for a while now. Often when creating a casino, either online or in real life, the developer will first want to establish a theme. This will help to create a brand consistency which is very beneficial for the casino. It promotes the image of a professional and trust worthy business.

Parrots are found in both the pirate theme and the jungle theme. These two themes are found throughout the gaming world in slot machines, online card tables and many other forms of gambling. For further information on the multitude of themes available for developers it may be worth visiting which has an abundance of useful tips.

The Jungle Parrot Theme

The jungle theme has proved throughout the years to be a hit for customers. This is for a multitude of reasons. For one, it gives the player a sense of exoticism. It is essential that the player is engaged with the world of the game. The jungle imagery gets the imagination of the player going, immersing them in the game they are playing.

Parrots are often seen in jungle themes because they provide a character for the player to follow. They are also very colourful which is also an important element. The more colourful a casino layout is the more visually engaging it will be. This is also usually for advertising the game itself. If the prospective player has their eyes drawn by the colourful parrot then they are more likely to play that particular game.

Often in this type of game the parrot will be an interactive element. For instance, in an online poker game the parrot may act as a virtual dealer. Or the cards the participants play with have parrots instead of the standard royal characters seen in a traditional deck.